Tatyana Chernova

Who I am and what I love shortly

At the moment I am the guide a in Sochi and Abkhazia. I do private tours and individual excursions. I drive my off road car to the sights and interesting places, to the mountains, Alpine meadows, lakes, through the foothills to different falls and canyons.


I feel that this is my mission, my calling because I love to share useful knowledges, impressios and other things with people, especially the emotions from a walk or an excursion. To share useful information or to give advice on where and what to buy or where to go on the weekend. In my heart I am the researcher, I love all the new, unexplored, I don't like to sit at one place and be bored so I always think of new travels to unknown places.

The mountains is my passion, it's necessary to me just like air so I try to spend more time there during the summer and the winter. Likely, as well as the air I need communications with people and travels. Therefore I love to go to adventurous walks and travels with friends and people who is spiritually close to me.


In the past I have worked 10 years in the sphere of construction at the civil engineer's position: design, constructions and management of all the processes of a construction object from the idea to the final result. I am always glad to give an advice on the choice of accomodation, both for rest, and for permanent residence. I have repeatedly helped to decide on good purchases of the real estate in Sochi for the friends and relatives. Now they have entrusted me the real estate for the management, such as comfortable apartments for your rest in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana.



1. Travelling is my destiny! I love this job with all my heart. That’s my hobby!

2. My goal is to make your vacation bright and memorable.

3. I will choose a private tour that will be convenient to you.

4. I have 10 years of accident-free driver's experience.

5. I get very involved in this business and I’m really interesting person. I’m sure you care about personality of your guide!

6. At the end of a tour, walk or trip I will make a video as a souvenir for you.

7. I know the places with the best food, natural mountains honey and cheese and where the real domestic wine is served.



● I'm inspired by the mountains since 1997, since then I wander here

● I have visited many mountainous areas of Russia: Taganai, Kamchatka, Arkhyz, Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus - ascension in 2009, Kirovsk, the mountains of Abkhazia

● More than 17 years in tourism

● The 3rd category in tourism (camping trip across Taganay 100 km / 7 days)

● The 2nd category in tourist multiathlon

● The 3rd category in mountaineering

● 4 years experience in student's rescue team

● Numerous competitions in sports orientation

● Rescue in the mountains and first aid courses are passed 2017

● Extreme driving skills. 10 years of accident-free experience.

● 5 years experience of the guiding in Sochi and Abkhazia