Skypark is the longest suspension bridge in the world

Skypark is the extreme amusement park at the height of 207 meters over the Akhshtyrsky gorge. The longest suspension bridge in the world 439 m in length is located here. You can swing on the highest swing of 170 m and flight’s length of 350 m, ride the fastest MegaTroll of 700 m with a speed up to 120 km/h, jump with a rubber rope (bungy) from the height of 69 m — BUNGY 69 and 207 m BUNGY 207. You can experience the freefall just like in parachute jumping. In the park there is also a 3-levels rope park “Mowgli” for the children and adults. You can have a tasty lunch at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the gorge, the bridge and all the attractions. You can seat and sunbathe in the amphitheater under the sky on the edge of the gorge. Of course, everyone has to walk on the bridge at height of more than 207 m, among clouds, where the birds fly and come back by ZIP LINE across the gorge at a speed more than 100 km/h.

If the extreme entertainments in the park is not enough, you can pass across the rocks through Via Feratta with professional guides of “Adventures studio”. Via Feratta is the special equipped safe track. Following it, you can get into Liana cave under the bridge or to go kanyoning — a fascinating travel in diving suits through the Dzykhra canyon.

Skypark entrance fees

If you arrive and don’t want to go across the bridge, then except the parking you will see nothing, the most interesting is hidden from the eyes. So it is necessary to pay for the emotions.

Entrance fee to Skypark. Walk on Skybridge.

1250 rub — Adults
600 rub — children 6 — 12 years old and adults 65-74 years old
3100 rub — family pass (2 parents + children up to 12 years old)
FREE OF CHARGE – children up to 5 years old and senior 75+ years old

Attractions fees in Skypark.

BUNGY 69 — 6 000 rub / 8 000 rub with a media package
BUNGY 207 — 15 000 rub / 17 000 rub with a media package
SochiSwing — 7 000 rub solo / 6 000 rub a tandem (per person)
MegaTroll — 2 500 rub per person / 6 000 rub family pass (2 adults + child)

COMBO only 1 person (Friends and relatives can’t use it)
BUNGY 69 + SochiSwing — 10 000 rub
BUNGY 69 + BUNGY 207 – 17 000 rub
BUNGY 207 + SochiSwing — 17 500 rub
BUNGY 207 + SochiSwing + BUNGY 69 – 20 000 rub